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We combine existing, low cost, and proven technologies in our AWG solution

STEP 1: Solar Thermal Tower Creates an Updraft of Airflow

Solar energy is first used to heat ambient air underneath a solar collector array. Hot air rises, therefore creating an airflow up the tower. This updraft acts as the power source driving hydro:GEN's AWG system, effectively replacing the need for an external form of power.

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STEP 2: Updraft of Airflow Brings Ambient Air Below Ground For Pre-cooling

The airflow is channeled to create a vaccum effect, passively pulling air below ground for pre-cooling. This air enters intakes of the system, where through proven geothermal technology, an earth to air heat exchanger leverages the cool temperatures of the earth to remove latent heat, precooling the air to reach a dew point . At this stage the air is at a supersaturated, or "fog", state. This supersaturated air is the same "fog" found in naturally in our environment.

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STEP 3: Pre Cooled Air Enters Condensation Chamber

Even though fog has formed and the air has reached a dew point, water will only condense through the presence of a surface area or pressure differential. Pre-cooled fog enters the condensation chamber, where a combination of surface area enhancements, condensation enhancing coatings, and pressure differential mechanisms enhance the condensation of water. As water forms it is collected in a sterile storage container, while dry air exits out of the system and up the tower.

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STEP 4: Condensed Water is Pumped to Surface

In hydro:GEN's AWG system, water is continuously condensed and collected in a sterile storage container. This water is continuously pumped to the surface, where it is filtered through carbon based, UV filtration, and mineralized salt blocks to ensure potability. 

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